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A Message from the Artist:

Life's precious gift is to give. When one is blessed with a special talent, I believe, as a token of appreciation, it should be used to help others. The Jelani Tree project touches my heart because of its promotion of unity. We live in a society where too quickly one judges another. If only we took the time to look into the heart to understand why people act the way they do, the world would be a better place. It is with great delight that I accepted Caroline’s invitation to illustrate The Jelani Tree.

Painting and drawing have always been my passion and dream. In my late 20s, thanks to private tutoring in mastering the skills and techniques of drawing and watercolors, my dream became reality. Having lived in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea, for over a decade, I am very fortunate to have an endless supply of inspirational material for my tribal and underwater theme paintings.

Working mostly with gouache, vibrant, opaque watercolors, my various styles reflect my attitude about life: Absorb as much as you can, but remember to take time to relax and appreciate the things that surround you. I hope my paintings can be a reminder to reflect on the beauty the world has to offer.

Nathalie Le Riche offers a selection of tribal and tropical fish original artwork, as well as tribal placemats and coaster sets, gift cards and prints, and tribal calendars. C oming out soon will be a children's tribal sticker book. Nathalie’s work is also available for art licensing. Visit www.picturetrail.com/leriche or contact Nathalie at Le Riche Colours Ltd., PO Box 94, Kimbe WNB, Papua New Guinea, Phone: (675) 983-4136, Fax: (675) 983-5405, E-mail: nat@global.net.pg

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